The Bala Shark, scientifically called the "Balantiocheilos melanopterus," also known as the tricolor shark, shark minnow or silver shark, is a tropical fish species of the family Cyprinidae, and is one of the two species in the genus Balantiocheilos. Of course, this particular species is not a true shark (Duh!), but it is commonly called a shark because of its torpedo-shaped body and large fins that resemble such things... Yeah, the movie Jaws now has a real purpose. Not! LOL!

This is one of the most peculiar fish I have ever owned. In fact, it is the only fish I have ever had that managed to bust through the lid of the aquarium and jump out of the water while ultimately landing on the living room floor. In the event you have indoor cats, that is not a good option; ha! When or if you let them get too big for their tank, they are also one of the fish that has a reputation for being "tank busters." As they could ram the inside of your tank so hard, it could possibly crack it.  The good thing is that fish usually only grow in proportion to the dimensions of the aquarium, as small tanks seem to stunt the growth of a lot of fish, but there are exceptions. Hopefully, though, nobody out there would put a big Bala Shark into a small tank, but just saying...

This fish is more nervous than an alcoholic suffering withdrawal symptoms, to say the least! They jump, dart, and flicker around with the slightest vibration. They are good at bottom-feeding since they have a sucker mouth, which helps keep your tank clean. The main emphasis I'm adding here, is the fact that they need a large tank. You really need to put them in a tank no smaller than a 55 gallon, although I've had them temporarily placed in a 29 gallon aquarium before. They love live foods to the fullest and some folks even feed them boiled oatmeal albeit my Bala Sharks always loved freeze-dried brine shrimp the best! Did I mention that they grow really fast? I'd type more about this beautiful aquarium fish, but what's the point?

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