Monday, March 2, 2015

Is growing Bonsai trees difficult, easy or just different?

I've grown several different types of plants over the years, ranging from common house plants to exotic cacti. However, my favorite plants to grow are the ones that provide me with food, like garden plants, but that is still a few months away for me. Anyway, I stumbled upon a mini Bonsai kit for sale, and it came with a low price tag and a 32-page Bonsai booklet. I'm not sure if I'll tackle that project, as I was initially thinking it would be a waste of money.

I mean, if anybody knows, is growing Bonsai trees easy, difficult or just plain different? My first thoughts were that it was just a slow growing tree people prune for artistic reasons, but this mini growing kit was promoting this like it was some indoor decoration for your home or place of work. I was like, WTF? I don't know of any trees that grow well indoors unless you have a sun room or massive amounts of artificial lighting that mimics UV rays, like growing lamps.

Well, after reading a bit more online, I've nearly lost interest in this subject. Wikipedia's entry looked more like a novel that just complicated the matter even further (Geez, I'd hate to see Wikipedia try to explain simple tomato plants; ha-ha!). There was another website that had a bit more common sense and a realistic approach toward the topic, but it basically said that it can be difficult, easy, and different. Well, thanks for the info! LOL!

Either way, if one has the patience, time and knowledge, this artistic style of growing small trees in relatively tiny containers, may be a cool hobby. Is it for me? Uh, probably not... I'll just wait for the glow-in-the-dark models to come out before I buy any of them; ha!

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