Sunday, March 8, 2015

Growing Peas and Beans without a Trellis, Lattices, Cages or Poles

Okay, this title may be a bit misleading, but it's in the ballpark. Instead of the common how-to advice about how to grow certain types of beans and peas while using latticework (lattices), a trellis, poles, cages, etc., I'm simply going to highlight a couple types of plants that doesn't require them. Yeah, I'm not going to talk about how to grow 'em, since the growing part is strictly your problem (or joy) to begin with; ha!

Anyway, I always exclude peas and beans from my garden for some strange reason, but mainly because I don't want to deal with all the extra poles, cages or lattices. I don't know why I've never checked on the other varieties of peas and beans that doesn't require such things. Hell, many of these plants grow like a bush anyway and never need a trellis system while growing. So, while pondering over what type of new plants I'll be adding to the garden (outside of the ones I grow every year), I found a couple that sounded great. They are the Sugar Ann Sweet Peas and the Early Contender Bush Beans, as depicted above.

The Sugar Ann Sweet Peas only reach an average height of 18 to 24 inches, are completely stringless, and produces quite a bit earlier than the standard snap peas. They have an estimated harvest date of 56 days! This sounds like a good option, unless there are some hidden surprises in store like poor quality or not very disease resistant, etc., but I'll find out in a few months.

The other one shown here is the Early Contender Bush Beans. They have an average height of 12 to 20 inches, are stringless, and produce really early. They have an estimated harvest date of 49 days! Another good thing about this variety is that they are really hardy, disease resistant, and can withstand a lot of heat.

So as you can see, when it comes to growing beans and peas without all the poles, cages, lattices, and trellis work being involved, there is no how-to advice necessary. Just pick out the right seeds; cheers!

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  1. I tried this last year and had excellent yields when growing the Early Contender Bush beans. The damn Sugar Ann Snap peas seemed to be stunted and/or not thriving very well for some reason albeit I think I planted 'em when the weather was too hot. Either way, no annoying poles, cages, lattices or freakin' trellis thingies were required. Ahh, bean growing made simple... Well, until all the real work happens when you are picking, cleaning, cutting, and storing/freezing/canning the damn things at the end of the growing season; ha-ha!