Sunday, March 8, 2015

Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees

After browsing through a catalog and checking online, I stumbled upon a type of container plant that I've never tried growing before . . . Dwarf fruit trees! At first, it sounds really cool, but depending on where you live, it may not be worth the time or money. I say that mainly because a lot of these dwarf fruit trees do best in the growing Zones 9 - 10, which is damn-near a tropical climate with extremely mild winters.

Where I'm from, we have both really hot summers and can also have really cold winters. Yeah, it ain't the tropics, to say the least. Of course, you could bring your dwarf fruit trees inside, but being in a low light environment for several months is bound to delay the fruit production/ripening process along with being somewhat of a strain on these lovely trees. Now, if I had a sunroom or a patio enclosure, these dwarf fruit trees would be an excellent idea!

I checked and they had several varieties of fruit trees that were dwarfs and suitable for large container growing. They had a dwarf fig, pomegranate, meyer lemon, venous orange, key lime, and even a dwarf banana tree. Speaking of the dwarf bananas, they wasn't kidding. It produces little 4 inch bananas. Ah, how cute... LOL!

Anyway, I just posted about these in case some of y'all have a sunroom/patio/whatever or live in a climate that is perfect for growing this type of mini-tree. If I lived in the right area, I would definitely consider this. I suppose I could have wrote more about growing these plants, but you'll just have to go online and search for how-to advice, if you require such things; ha! Most of these trees sold for under 15 dollars, but the dwarf banana was about 20 bucks, the last time I checked; cheers!

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Image Credit: Fair Use - Product Image - I combined 4 fruit trees from to create one photo.

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