Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grow Strawberries in a Pyramid Bed

I've always wanted to grow strawberries for the fun of it (well, to eat, too) to compliment my vegetable garden, etc., but so far I'm yet to give it a try. However, I was just reading about growing 'em in a pyramid bed, like the one shown here. Is that cool or what? You can also buy these pyramidal beds with a sprinkler system for a few extra dollars. Well, this particular model seems to always come with a sprinkler. Like most things, prices seem to vary albeit I have seen them priced as high as 60 dollars online. The old catalog I have lying around the house has them listed for 40 bucks, but the catalog is 5 years old. Oops!

Anyway, this aluminum pyramid bed would be excellent for your strawberries (or whatever you want to plant) and it will roughly hold 50 plants in a circle that is 6 feet across. The sprinkler that is placed on the top level will water the entire bed. I may give it a try this year, but it would be better/cheaper if I built my own pyramid bed and watered them myself; cheers!

Shopping Link: "Search for Pyramid Bed Gardens via Amazon!"

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*Update: 3/24/16 - Well, I finally ordered some strawberries online this year. I decided to get them online from a certain website ( because they had some interesting and somewhat unique types of strawberry plants for sale this year. They called them Whopper Strawberries and they claim that they can reach the size of peaches!  Hell, yeah... So anyway, I ordered like 40 plants for 20 bucks (plus tax and shipping and handling, of course).  Unlike the title of this little low-traffic blog post, I decided to not grow my strawberries in a Pyramid Bed.  I mean, it sounds like a neat idea, but I would rather not invest that much money in a crop I have never grown before.  Plus, it is much more fun being able to spread your fruit plants out in random places throughout your lot/yard, etc.

Side note:  If you use the Amazon link above, you might have better luck typing in 'strawberry pots' or 'strawberry planters' into the search bar once you get there, as there are currently better options from those particular search results as opposed to the one I originally provided within the link above; cheers!

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