Monday, March 2, 2015

Butter Beans vs. Lima Beans

I'm actually slightly surprised at the confusion a lot of people have when concerning butter beans and lima beans. Some of this may be the fact that "butter beans" is a name that is more often used in the southern regions of the U.S. for another variety of lima beans, but either way, there are two common varieties of lima beans, which I will briefly explain in a moment. The other thing I was surprised about (although I shouldn't be), is the amount of incorrect data and misinformation I found on the Internet while searching for some free-to-use images. There really are people out there that need to be removed from certain how-to/informational websites. Where do these people come from? 2nd grade? Anyway, I'm not getting into all the baloney I just read from a couple different websites, as they obviously don't know a bean from beano. LOL!

Okay, like I mentioned before, there are 2 common varieties of lima beans. One is the Baby Lima and the other is the Fordhook Lima. The baby limas are smaller, light green in color, and they don't have a very strong flavor. The Fordhook limas (what many of us call Butter Beans) are similar to white beans in color, much larger, and have a more flavorful, stronger taste than the little green baby lima beans. This doesn't mean the baby limas are really baby butter beans, as they are 2 totally different beans!

The first image on this post shows the Butter Beans (Fordhook) and the second image shows the baby limas (click to enlarge). See, it's as simple as that! Why some people confuse the two and write about them online in an incorrect fashion while proclaiming to be a bean expert or something, sure 'beans' the heck out of me... Ha-ha!

Image Credit: Bing Image Search using the 'free to use & share' function...

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