Monday, March 2, 2015

Building Cob Houses

This is an interesting but ancient subject. Well, I say that because "Cob" is an ancient building material that was most likely used way back during the prehistoric times. Cob, sometimes spelled "Cobb," is all-natural and consists of sand, clay, earth, straw, and water. It is very much like another primitive building material they call "adobe." If you'd rather read about adobe, go here:

I got reminded of this style of building a couple years ago, when a co-worker requested 3 weeks off from work, to go to these types of workshops that demonstrated and/or taught this particular building technique. However, the guy also signed up for a "rain harvesting" class, which me and another guy made fun of him for that. Ha-ha! Who needs to take a class on how to collect rainwater? LOL! Anyway, there wasn't enough idiots to sign up for the rain harvesting class but the cob building workshop most likely had a lot of participants.

Anyway, a short while after that, it got me to searching about old cob buildings/cobb houses. I found them to be quite interesting and unique in their own little archaic way. I like the idea of living off the land without the use of synthetics and fabricated material. At any primitive rate, I included a sample image for this post, in case you have never seen a cob building before. Would I like to learn how? Would I build my home out of this stuff? Uh, uh... Probably not, if I don't have to. I'm spoiled by modern houses, I guess... Either way, when I was a kid, I always enjoyed playing in the dirt, rocks and mud; cheers!

If you'd like to read more about this subject, go here:

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Source is provided in the link above.

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