Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Ugly Blobfish

Yikes! This gives the phrase "getting hit with the ugly stick" a whole new meaning! I was visiting some website that usually has a lot of freaky news posted, and I somehow ran into this hideous creature during the process. I looked online for additional info about the Blobfish, but there was limited data. I mainly just found out that it is rarely seen by us, it dwells really deep in the ocean off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania, and that it is facing extinction due to excessive deep-sea fishing. No, we don't eat these things, but they may get caught in the nets or maybe we are fishing out their food supply or something, not sure. Either way, whether they end up going extinct or not, is this not one of the most ugliest fishes you have seen?

You should try doing some 'image searches' of this fish on the web, if you find this thing amusing. The Blobfish still doesn't look as freakish as the Anglerfish, in my opinion, but it still isn't going to win any "cutest fish of the year" awards, either!  Ha-ha!

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