Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Living Fossil: Prehistoric Pignose Frog

Most people refer to this amphibian as the "Purple Frog," but it doesn't look very purple to me. It is also labelled as the Pignose Frog, so we'll go with that, for this post. Anyway, many folks conclude that this prehistoric frog is, in fact, a living fossil. It is another one of those strange creatures that throws a giant "WTF" to the evolutionists out there. The pignose frog is suppose to be split up from other frogs somewhere around 150 million years ago, and it has obviously not changed very much since! It was finally discovered to still be living in today's world, back in 2003 albeit the tadpole version was described in 1918, going by what I've read.

These ancient "purple frogs" spend 50 weeks per year buried underground, which only gives them about 2 weeks above the surface during any given year. Wow! No wonder these suckers have been hard to find! However, these weird-looking frogs are on the endangered species list. I don't really know how they can keep an accurate count of the pignose frogs, especially since they've been hiding from us for so long. Either way, I thought I'd share this prehistoric amphibian today, that supposedly comes from a family of frogs that were here during the dinosaur days; cheers!

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