Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dumb & Crazy Dodo Bird

Well, times must be really tight, if I'm on here writing about dumb birds called a Dodo. Hell, they have been extinct for a long while and the primary knowledge we have about them is from written accounts and artwork that depicts these crazy creatures. Anyway, I have no idea why I'm scribbling this nonsense down, but it has been a morning full of poppycock, so why not add some over-sized pigeon that can't even fly, into the mix. Ha!

The Dodo Bird supposedly stood about 3 feet 3 inches tall. Why they feel the need to add those extra 3 inches to the data pool, beats me. I mean, why not just say that the stupid thing was about 3 feet tall? LOL! The weight of this bird suppose to vary, like most living things, and I've heard of a range from 20 to 40 pounds all the way up to 44lbs., in the past. This sorry excuse for a bird, was reported to have brownish and grayish feathers. Some people like to sound more scientific and call the feathers plumage, but the Dodo bird doesn't care either way.

This borderline brainless bird was rather fat and had little wings, hence forth the notion that it wasn't very aerodynamic nor could it fly. Good job, birdie! On the isolated island of Mauritius, in 1598, a Dutch admiral described this bird that he called "walghvogel." Later on, some of the Dutch settlers called it "dodaars." Portuguese sailors called the silly thing "doudo," which means "fool" or "crazy." See? Even they thought the Dodo was asinine. I'm not sure when it went extinct, as I've heard different answers for that, but it was gone before the 18th century ever got here, nonetheless. Of course, man was the main cause for its extinction, one way or another. I think their introduction to certain animals in that region, also helped speed up the process.

Side Note: I really don't have anything against the Dodo bird. I was just trying to make light of a dead bird that couldn't fly; ha!

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