Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dog-Face Puffer Fish

I was watching an aquarium show last night, and seen a really cool-looking fish for saltwater aquariums. All the years I had fish tanks, I strictly dealt with tropical fish and freshwater conditions, as marine tanks require much more room and, most of all, way more money! Anyway, I've written several aquarium-related posts on here, and I'll link to a few of them (too many to list all of them) in a moment.

At any aquatic rate, the dog-face puffer fish (also called the Blackspotted puffer) is really neat. Their face resembles that of a dog; ha! Seriously, it is so weird when you see them up close. It looks like a canine swimming underwater with most of its body chopped off. The dog-face puffer fish lacks pelvic fins, but it still gets around pretty good while using its dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins. The people on the show were talking about how great their personality is and how they really pay attention to their owners, unlike most pet fish. Hey, there again, it sounds like a dog!

So, with that being said, if you have the room and the money for a saltwater setup, the dog-face puffer fish would be a great addition to your home. Like any aquarium fish, though, you need to educate yourself about each species before mixing them with others. Since I'm only knowledgeable about freshwater aquariums, I can't help ya with this one; cheers!

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  1. Arothron nigropunctatus (blackspotted puffer and/or dog-faced puffer) holds the deadly poison tetrodotoxin, which protect it from predators. In order to ward off potential enemies, they can inflate their bodies by swallowing air or water. So in other words, if you consume this fish whole, you may encounter some problems; ha!