Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Baboon's Life of Pleasure

Imagine that you are watching a band of baboons, as entertaining as that may be for a typical person out in the wild kickin' it in a loincloth or whatever. Anyway, just looking at them, you may think they are disorganized. At first, there seems to be no definite hierarchy among them. But don't let these babbling baboons fool you; they do have leaders. The dominant males exercise their authority over others and have special privileges, sort of like the female humans of today; ha! Just kidding... When a dominant, self-centered male baboon sits down, his subjects generally hurry to delouse (remove lice from) him.
If food is thrown to the band of blundering baboons, the pompous, proud males have first choice, of course, because they are just good like that. The others don't even bother to look at the food while the hungry male demonstrates his domineering ways while embarking upon their beloved raw food diet.
Because the surrounding subjects wholeheartedly accept their inferior position, there are almost no quarrels among a band of baboons - outside of the occasional bickering. As we continue with the baboon's life of pleasure, lets move on to sex. There are never any fights over the possession of females, as when they are in heat, they mate freely with all males. Dang, I guess that's were the phrase "putting out," originated from?

These monkeys, which are found throughout most of Africa, usually live in open country. Baboons are omnivorous, but their diet varies according to the season, the territory, and the age and sex of the individual. The female, with their newborn offspring, feed on grasses; the more developed young eat bark, insects, lizards, etc. Births take place throughout the year. The infant, at first, clings to the mother's breast, but soon is able to ride on her back. The young can take care of themselves soon after weaning.

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