Monday, March 2, 2015

Oceanic Whirlpools & Gigantic Maelstroms in the Atlantic Ocean

Thanks to satellite technology and the internet to propagate upon, we now have a lot of extra things to ponder over. Next up on the list of things that involves a mulling madness of a Mother Nature malefactor, is the oceanic whirlpools & gigantic maelstroms that have been spotted in the Atlantic Ocean. Hell, don't take my word for it or the pretty picture depicted on this post, just simply go here to read more about it:“black-hole”-whirlpools-in-atlantic-151036336.html#Zq33ckB

I think this is a totally cool subject, don't get me wrong, but I really do wish they would drop that whole "black hole" stuff. There is no freaking hole about it, nor is there a hole involved with the common "black holes" they often speak about while using cosmic terminology. Now, talking about a wormhole is an entirely different subject nonetheless, but we won't cover that today as it would be extremely unrelated to this particular topic.

At any rate of water-based whirlpools and oceanic maelstroms, the Atlantic Ocean can also be a very violent place. The Pacific Ocean is even more vast and gigantic, but honestly, I'm scared of all of them. Some aliens are more geared for aquatic activity, while some of us are not. I'm not. I've never liked deep water, and never will until I get my gill implants; ha!

Anyway, this oceanic vortex concept is simply amazing in a bad way, when concerning all the creatures that love to frequently go out into the deep blue oceans. I wonder if the infamous Bermuda Triangle has one of these thingies going on, too? Yeah, that would explain a lot, eh? There have been many stories told about such things in the past, but now the proof is here for all to see. In fact, one of the better comments on the page I linked to above, was: "for hundreds of years sailors have been reporting giant maelstroms and freak waves in our oceans, but these were taken as exaggeration. Now proof exists, and all of those sailors' yarns are vindicated. Perhaps we should look more closely at tales of sea monsters."

Well, it is fairly obvious that the majority of this planet is definitely water, and that we only know so much about our land situations and the creatures found therein, so to say that all of those ancient sea stories are not true would definitely be a ludicrous assumption, in my opinion.

Image Credit: Is already provided on this post, and is shared amid multiple websites. Some of the related images on the web involved NASA and Satellite technology, etc., and they are not under copyright protection.

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