Monday, February 16, 2015

Tiger Barbs - Aquarium Fish

This is another excellent addition for most community aquariums, as they generally do well with a large variety of fish. The Tiger Barbs are a dedicated "group fish," though, and things can change in a bad way, if they are kept in a community tank only as a pair or as an individual. Actually, they need to be in groups of 5 or more, in my opinion. The reason for this, is that they are pesky little devils and are notorious for being fin-nippers and whatnot. Slow moving fish like the Gouramis and Bettas, for example, may not take too kindly to a bored Tiger Barb that doesn't have many friends. Let's just say, that your pretty little Betta may be minus most of its fins, in a couple of days; ha!

In general, when you have a nice school of Tiger Barbs, they will spend the majority of their time playing with each other as opposed to acting like little mini-piranhas. Much like the Giant Danio fish, they are extremely active and help add life and motion to any fish tank that has a respectable size. The tiger barbs are small and usually don't grow much past 2 inches long. The second picture I used for this post, shows the green tiger barbs albeit I still like the common tiger barbs the best. Overall, this type of tropical fish is quite hardy. Oh, if you do have a highly competitive community tank full of aggressive fish, don't worry about the tiger barbs not being able to compete for food. They are so nimble and quick, as they can snatch up food particles like a vacuum. Hmm, I've seen humans like that before; LOL!

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