Monday, February 16, 2015

The Betta: Siamese Fighting Fish

This is one of the most popular fish for tropical, freshwater aquariums. A lot of people love these splendid creatures! Personally, I only bought a few of them during the years that I was big into fish tanks. I was the oddball, evidently, albeit I just preferred the other fish varieties. When it comes to the Siamese Fighting Fish, they often have this bad reputation for being vicious and aggressive. I have never understood that. The only thing you have to watch, is when you have two males involved/together. It is best to keep the males in separate tanks, but you can have all of the female Betta fish you can comfortably fit into your tanks, with no problems at all.

The male Betta fish is way more colorful than the females. They have long fins and if you have them in a community tank, it is best not to have little pesky fish like Tiger Barbs in there or they will nip them to death. I know, I've seen it happen before. That reminds me... The biggest thing that bothers me about the Siamese Fighting Fish, is the constant promotion of how they can live in a little cup or bowl. Sure, they can, but would you like to live inside of a little tee-tiny, itty-bitty container?

The reason why they can live in such a small space is because they are a "labyrinth fish," as they have an auxiliary set of lungs to help their gills out. These "lungs" enable the Betta to live in a small receptacle, as they can literally come up for air. They are also bubblenest builders, which is a method they use to provide a nest for their fry via blowing bubbles at the surface. However, my favorite type of labyrinth fish/bubblenest builder is not the Siamese Fighting Fish, though, as I always preferred the Gouramis over them. I'll most likely write a post about the Gourami fish in the future, so that is all I'll say about that for now.

The bottom line: The Betta is a pretty fish that is easily managed and, in my opinion, is overrated. They are just too delicate for my liking, but they would be an excellent starter fish for little kids and tanks that are only 10 gallons or smaller (just not too small!).

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