Monday, February 16, 2015

Red-tailed Shark - Aquarium Fish

First of all, whoever named this particular aquarium fish a "shark," must have really been highly imaginative or confused, to say the least. Unlike the tropical fish known as the Bala Shark, the Red-tailed Shark doesn't even remotely resemble such a creature. I'm assuming they got their name because of their somewhat high dorsal fin, but good grief! Anyway, this is a very mild-mannered tropical fish. I have heard before that they can be a bit scrappy amongst each other, but the ones I had in a large community tank always minded their own business. Then again, there were big African Cichlids in the tank to keep everybody on their best behavior, too. Ha!

The red-tailed shark can be dull colored or a deep/rich color. I prefer the dark black ones with the bright red tails, but the one pictured here isn't so hot. If I still had my tanks, I'd take pictures from it. I may try to find some old pics, if I can find the data discs around here. At any aquatic rate, this is an excellent fish for community tanks. They are not picky eaters and they are fun to watch when they get hungry. They will scavenge the rocks and the live plants for any microscopic growth or crumbs, which also helps keep your tank clean and looking good.

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