Monday, February 16, 2015

Plecostomus - Aquarium Fish - Giant Algae Eater

When it comes to freshwater aquariums and problems with algae growth within your tank, the Plecostomus makes the need for magnetic glass cleaners obsolete. This is by far the best microscopic scavenger you will ever find. This giant algae eater, commonly called the Pleco, is a sucker catfish that is native to the Central and South American fresh waters. They are not even in the same league as those little Chinese Algae Eaters (never liked them anyway), as these Plecostomus sucker-freaks can not only totally rid your tank from algae, they will basically eat any leftover food you can dish out - including dead fish and/or anything that happens to die overnight; ha!

The negative, when concerning community tanks, is that they really don't have much of a personality, they like to be left alone, and act sort of like a living machine that only sleeps and works/eats with no play. The other shortcomings are not so short, as the fish can often grow too large for a regular tank! I've heard of them growing 2 foot long before, so if you only have a 29 gallon tank or less, for example, you do the math.

They are very hardy/tough, too. I've seen them survive in bad conditions when others have flopped. Not that keeping a tank under poor conditions is recommended, but such things can happen with the slightest mishap and during brief bouts of neglect. At any aquatic rate, if you are looking for a remedy for your algae problems, this is the one you need to add to your aquarium! I mean literally "one," as you will only need 1 per tank and it's not a good idea to add more Plecos for this style of competition in any semi-normal tank; trust me.. :)

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