Monday, February 16, 2015

One of the Best Foods for Freshwater Aquariums

This is more or less an opinion post, but out of all the years I had several freshwater aquariums in my home, freeze-dried bloodworms was by far the best food I ever used. Unlike the flake foods, tablets, and pellets, there is not very much waste involved, if any. They don't disintegrate into tiny bits like a lot of fish food does, and you don't have to hope the bottom feeders and scavengers find all of the waste particles buried in the gravel. Actually, if you use freeze-dried bloodworms too often, you will have to feed your scavengers separately, with sinking pellets, algae discs, etc.

Anyway, if you have a community tank with a variety of fish, you can simply tell which foods they like the best by how excited they get during feeding times. The warmer the water gets, the more voracious their appetite becomes, too. Another food that really tickled their fancies, was freeze-dried plankton, but it is mainly for the bigger fish. Even the small fish can consume the bloodworms. Now, I wouldn't recommend solely feeding your fish freeze-dried bloodworms. Like humans, they still need some variety in their diet for optimal health, unless they are strictly algae-eaters, but even some of those still like to eat other things. Another reason is that bloodworms and the freeze-dried plankton I mentioned earlier, are all really high in protein. Some fish do not need to stay on a high protein diet, as their organs may eventually fail. If in doubt, educate yourself about each fish in your tank(s).

Anyway, flake food is typically well balanced, shrimp pellets and tablets are really messy and require more scavengers and/or water changes, but freeze-dried bloodworms and plankton is the best in my opinion and, if anything, it makes for a good treat for your cold-blooded friends from time to time; cheers!

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