Monday, February 16, 2015

Giant Danio - Aquarium Fish

On this post, I'm talking about a very active, busy fish known as the Giant Danio.

Now, unlike a lot of tropical fish, this one isn't known for being attractive and colorful. They are like the busy-bees of the tank. It is almost required and/or it is a necessity that you only buy these in groups of 3 or 4 or more. They truly are a 'group fish' (sort of like how the Tiger Barbs do best in groups) and they will be extremely sad and depressed if they are kept in solitude. Seriously, they will only stick to their own kind and that is just the way they roll. To me, they look more like a creek minnow, but unlike a common minnow, they prefer warm waters (tropical fish; duh!).

They are a close relative to the Zebrafish and the Pearl Danio, but that is neither here nor there. These swimming fanatics swim constantly. Back and forth, back and forth... In fact, the ones I had seemed to never sleep, for the most part. It didn't matter if it was in the middle of the night with the lights off, while all the other fish in my community tank were sleeping, they would be consistently making their laps. The point is, they can fill the activity gap in a community tank that is full of variety. Have you ever seen a boring, lifeless fish tank full of lazy fish before? Well, not if you have Giant Danios in there! They are excellent jumpers, too. They hit the food almost as soon as it lands on the water surface, sort of like a cold-water bass. I can't count the amount of times they have splashed water on me when I was feeding the fish. Crazy bastards; ha!

The textbook lifespan for the Giant Danios often state that they only live a couple of years, but that is wrong. I've had them live for several years, even to the point to where they became hump back. Bottom Line: They are not the prettiest fish, but they are one of the more active ones; cheers!

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