Monday, February 9, 2015

Ghost Shrimp - Transparent Crustacean

After writing a post about the Tire Track Eel, which was one of the few creatures that didn't make it in my community tanks, it reminded me of another type of aquatic life that didn't do so well in my aquariums. Have you ever heard of ghost shrimp? Some people also refer to them as glass shrimp, but either way, they are really cool to look at. These little scavengers are transparent crustaceans. Yeah, you can basically see right through them!

I added a bunch of these to my tanks one time, not realizing how appetizing they would appear to some of the other fish in there; ha! Needless to say, the ghost shrimp may as well been ghosts, within a couple of hours. LOL! I guess a person would have no problem raising these interesting crustaceans, but only if they are in a tank with tiny little fish and/or not in an aquarium with anything that may consume them. Anyway, I posted a few pics of the glass/ghost shrimp, in case some of y'all have never seen them before; cheers!

Image Credit: Bing Image Search using the 'free to use & share' function.

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