Monday, February 16, 2015

Corydoras - Aquarium Fish - Bottom Feeder

This cool fish is a tropical catfish in the armored catfish family and is the best bottom feeder I have ever had for my freshwater aquariums. As you know, any uneaten food particles collect at the bottom of your fish tank and if they are not consumed, they will literally rot and make your water cloudy and polluted. Of course, if you have a well established aquarium there should be enough healthy bacteria in there to prevent the cloudy water - within reason, but it will still ultimately raise your nitrate and nitrite levels in a hurry.

This is why it is important to have a certain amount of scavengers and bottom feeders in your community aquariums. The Bala Sharks I have previously written about are not generally praised for being scavengers, but they also go around with their sucker-mouths at the bottom of the tank while keeping your gravel clean - especially when they are hungry in between feeding times, but the Corydoras are the best at this that I've seen. This is all they do besides sleep and lay the occasional set of eggs. They are busy little catfishes, to say the least.

That reminds me, the Corydoras are often called Cories, Cory Cats and/or Cory Catfish. There are various types of them, but they all look fairly similar between each species. Anyway, if you have a decent-sized tank that requires multiple feedings throughout the day, don't forget to add these excellent bottom feeders to your aquarium. They can save you many water changes over time; cheers!

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