Sunday, January 4, 2015

Philippine Tarsier

This freaky-looking, crazed little critter is one of the smallest primates known to man. They usually average about 3 to 6 inches in height. Regardless of how bizarre they look, its size makes it somewhat hard to spot. The Philippine Tarsier's eyes are fixed in its skull, which means that their eyes can't turn in their sockets. However, its head can rotate 180 degrees to make up for their fixed eyes. For a mammal, their eyes are extremely large when compared to the rest of their body. Yes, they are nocturnal. I mean, com'on, can you blame them? I would wait for it to get dark, too, if I looked like that... LOL! Speaking of that, they have exceptional night vision.

The freaky features doesn't stop here, either, as their ears are also weird and they seem to be moving all the time, for some reason or another. Some of their major enemies are humans, owls, and feral cats. On the other hand, they mainly just eat insects like cockroaches and crickets, along with tiny lizards and helpless spiders, for example. Well, I just thought I'd share these little interesting tidbits with the blogging community here... Uh, yeah, this is your nature & wildlife lesson for today... Ha!

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