Saturday, June 22, 2013

Strangest Animals on Earth - Resource Links

...Just to change it up a bit, instead of doing the usual blog post about a certain creature and whatnot, I'm going to provide a post with resource links and a video that features what many label as being the "Strangest Animals on Earth."  This particular search query popped into my head a few moments ago, and I thought it would be neat to provide some links to some of the search results that came up.

Many of the animals found on these pages (the ones I'm about to link to) are the same, but if you browse through 'em all, you'll see a good variety of strange life forms via Earth.  If you're in a hurry and not in a pictorial searching/saving mood, the video I provide should shoot out 100 bizarre animals in just under 13 minutes.  But first, I'll list the resource links below:

* Strangest and Rarest Animals in the World -

* 9 Strangest Animals on Earth -

* The 25 Weirdest Animals on Earth -

* The weirdest animals on Planet Earth - [Copy & Paste URL]

Now, for the video link 100 Most Weirdest and Rarest Animals in the World:

This nature blog is fairly new, so I haven't had a chance to do a lot of blog posts yet, but I did notice that one of the animals I featured on here, showed up in some of those resource links, which was the Aye-Aye.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed checking out all those freaky creatures...

Random Image:

Depicted above is the Yeti Crab.  Yeah, that thing looks crazy, eh?  If you're more into the Yeti Legend instead of the Crab, then visit:  Abominable Snowman - Yeti Monster

---End of Post "Strangest Animals on Earth - Resource Links"

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