Friday, May 3, 2013


This blog will consist of random, exotic animals in addition to various types of interesting forms of life.  Hell, when you think about it, most types of life are at least semi-interesting, to say the least, so there shouldn't be very much limitations here.

What motivated me to start this blog, was the act of me digging through my closet while moving, yet again, to another residence.  However, I started to open some of those old boxes and noticed a lot of old books, info cards, etc., that related to the animal kingdom.  In a thumbnail, it reminded me of how at one point in time, mostly when I was younger, I used to be really close to nature and the outdoors.

From here, I'll try to start researching forms of life and anything that relates to wildlife, in hopes that it will motivate me to get back out there and start enjoy the simple life and all the great non-technical, non-robotic aspects of life.  Yeah, easier said than done, but I figure that by the time I finish this blog, I'll at the very least, go fishing; ha!

---End of Post "Introduction"

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